Escape System Pocket Bag, #ESPB-AHF

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The ESPB has been designed to be placed in a firefighters Bunker Pant or Turnout Coat pocket. It is a “Universal” bag for either the right or left side pockets and also capable of being used with the various firefighter escape systems that are available – Petzl EXO, Sterling F4, CMC Escape Artist, RPI, RIT Safety Systems and others.

A “capture strap” is in place to aid in holding the system inside the bag until the system is needed/deployed. The strap is secured with Velcro, so when the system is deployed, the user simply tugs on the anchor hook to defeat the strap. The Capture strap also has a universal design.

Constructed of Magna-Tuff® 600D (Cordura-like material) with PVC back allows this bag to be durable, flexible and functional, while still being protected in the user’s pocket. The bag is purposely reversed with the “PVC backing” on the outside and the soft side on the inside. This allows smooth deployment of the escape system, and at the same time the characteristics of the PVC backing helps keep the bag in place inside the pocket.

Bag can hold 50-feet of 7.5mm or 8mm of rope. It also makes an excellent tool pouch!

Bag design by Don Colarusso, AllHandsFire

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in